Flush Modern Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen do much more than hide your clutter. They set the tone and mood for your whole house. A kitchen is the center of a home; a place to relax, entertain and be creative. Your cabinets should be a beautiful expression of your love of cooking, while complementing your motions effortlessly: a thoughtfully designed space, everything within reach, materials appropriately matched to their task, just the essential parts, nothing wasted.

Flush Modern Cabinets fit that bill, with clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. Beautiful materials highlighted by grain-matched veneers, and negative reveals for continuity and cleanliness.

The cabinet design is critical for the overall success of the room. Workflow design and circulation are as crucial as quality appliances and durable surfaces for an ergonomic cooking experience.

Make the most of your kitchen remodel with a custom fit system.


How Does It Work?

Let us Design, Build, and Install your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you need a complete remodel, an addition or just need some new cabinets, we will work directly with homeowners, or are happy to work along side architects, designers, or contractors.